NESARA-News: Neil Keenan Update + Benjamin Fulford Update (02.August 2016)


NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Internal Secrets: New Financial
System To Save The World From The Globalist / Obama
Doomsday Plan: A Real Ball Of Confusion

Another Piece of the Pie

The New Financial System

Depopulation Agenda Continues – EMP Attack Planned for North America

UN Would Decide Who Eats and Who Starves (Obama signed the orders if that means anything)

A Call to Action

For seven long years plus Neil Keenan has chased the Cabal / Globalist thieves around the world in his attempt to bury them. With one swift stroke of a pen Kathy M., who is Ray C. Dam’s right hand, corrected many wrongs.

Neil now has the information he needed to move forward in many respects.

The re-filing of the Financial Tyranny Lawsuit was never so far away, and this action pretty much puts what happened and how in its proper perspective.

The re-filing of this lawsuit is the much needed action that will take down Western Tyranny, and it seems as though it has done exactly what Ben Fulford and David Wilcock stated years ago.

The Exclusive Meeting of Three

As most of us are now aware, Neil recently took a business trip when invited to attend an important meeting. The requirement was so urgent that the initiators of the meeting sent their own private jet. Under heavy security Neil and M2 met with one of the leading figures at the very top of the Globalist / NWO movement.

For those who would like additional detail, Neil thought that this trip was going to take him to Switzerland but it actually took him to a much closer destination. Security was 60+ strong and the meeting took place in a very secure Hotel where no more than four people ever sat together at any one time.

One of the key items on the agenda at this meeting was to discuss the establishment of a New Financial System such as Neil has been moving toward with the assistance of his associates and friends.

Much of the basis for this meeting is the established matter that Neil will have access to (not ownership of) between 400,000 and 600,000 metric tons of Gold to create the foundations for a solid world financial system that will keep us all alive and well, and it will replace the former NWO / Globalist / Cabal system. (Meanwhile there are others who wish Neil would use the access he has to prop up the old system. He has far easier options than helping the World which would not cost him a cent).

According to Neil, this would mean no more FIATs and goodbye to the Western Bankers; there will be no World Bank, IMF or BIS.

Also there would be two home bases: One in Asia which will hold the Assets, and the other will be in Europe which will represent the West.

Another matter that emerged during this meeting detailed something far more diabolical, as Neil and M2 were given warning about a plot that involves the UN and the Obama Administration’s plans for the United States.

Neil was advised that the window of opportunity to assist the US is unfortunately closing a little more every day. Apparently, it is Obama’s plan to create another false flag; but this time on a massive, unprecedented scale. Neil and M2 were advised that we are looking at a two month window for this situation, although Neil believes this situation can be averted.

The plan would see the blame laid upon “foreign terrorists” for an EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) attack on the electricity grid of North America.

The attack would cover a wide berth of land ranging from the East coast to the West coast of the US, and from the North to South coasts, also extending into Canada and even Central America.

Neil and M2 were told that everything is in place in the US to destroy the ‘Grid’ and set off a depopulation program that would eliminate 80% of the American population by way of starvation and civil unrest.

Waiting to deliver emergency foods, the UN will decide who eats and who does not. This executive order has already been signed by Obama.

Whereas we might have thought this was going to take a much longer time to implement (Agenda 30), one can see Obama and the UN are rushing things – in a possible attempt for him to implement martial law and serve a perpetual term.

If this happened, it would be the death of the great nation known as the US and according to design, Europe and the rest of the Western world would fall like dominoes, to their demise.

The Globalists have their plans, and if they can they will use them at all costs.

On a more positive note, many of us are well aware that technologies exist that should have been implemented for the betterment of humanity a long time ago.

In the following video Neil shows us just one such example; a medical device that utilizes frequencies to cure many of the health problems that we fight on a daily basis. Group K also has access to a range of other advanced technologies, including free energy – which it is clear to see would hurt the fossil fuel industries.

The more pressing matter however, is that with the right assistance Neil will be able to implement the New Financial System and the planet will be able to beat the Globalists back.

No one can do this alone, but it can be done. Where is the crucial interim financial help coming from at this critical juncture?

Surprisingly, few people seem willing to contribute towards these every increasingly urgent efforts – those that are being made by Neil and Group K – to save them and their loved ones.

It seems that so many are waiting for a precious few to deal with matters relating to the life or death of all of us. This is the current situation.

Our choices in the very near future are now up to the people; Neil and Group K will do whatever they can with whatever they have

So many emails that Neil receives tell him to “go and get them!”

Neil is working on this and many other things, but his honest answer is, “With what?”

He has already spent millions of dollars of his own money and has had his remaining accounts stolen and frozen more than once; transfers have been blocked or reversed on many occasions. Obviously, the Cabal has been behind all of this.

Consequently, sufficient interim funding is desperately needed to take immediate action and cross the bridge to the finish line.

Despite waiting a considerable period of time for financial assistance, Neil has not left the people stranded. He has come to love many who are waiting for release from debt slavery and better lives.

However, now is the time for those who have the means to contribute to this most important cause for We The People.

The waiting game most urgently must be over!

Group K




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Benjamin Fulford: 01:08:2016 — FULL REPORT

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, France, Italy and Germany next on list of countries to be freed from Khazarian mafia

August 1, 2016

Author: BenjaminFulford

The battle to liberate humanity from the grips of the genocidal Khazarian mafia is proceeding well with major victories on multiple fronts amidst increasing global chaos as the post-war world order continues to collapse.

The biggest moves are now taking place in the Middle-East where, now that Turkey has thrown off Khazarian (Sabbatean) mafia rule, a Russian, Pentagon, Syrian, Turkish, Iranian and Egyptian alliance is preparing to liberate the people of Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This will cut off all supplies of Middle-Eastern oil money to the Bush/Rockefeller/Clinton faction of the Khazarian mafia.

The other place where huge developments are taking place is Europe. There, officials in Germany, France and Italy are now openly calling for a military alliance with Russia to free Europe from the grip of the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller (BCR) faction of the Khazarian mafia that still controls Washington DC and New York. The European moves are taking place in preparation for a collapse of the banking system there that could break into the open as early as this month.

There is also a major battle taking between thieves taking place in Malaysia as BCR operatives try to seize funds embezzled from the Malaysian people by Rothschild flunky Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (see below for details).

Then of course the battle for the United States of America continues to rage as BCR candidate Hillary Clinton blatantly stole the Democratic Party presidential nomination last week in a move that fatally ruined her reputation and that of the Khazarian mafia backing her. This battle has only begun and will intensify towards November with the very real possibility of open civil war breaking out in the United States, multiple sources agree.

Let us start with a closer look at the situation in Turkey where top US General Joseph Dunford flew on July 31st for an emergency meeting with his Turkish counter-parts. The meeting took place as Turkish government officials openly accused the US of trying to overthrow its government and Turkish troops surrounded the nuclear-armed US Incirlik Airbase. At the meeting, according to Pentagon sources, Dunford told the Turks the attempt to overthrow the Turkish government was carried out by CIA agents of the Khazarian CBR faction working under the cover of the Jamestown Foundation. Dunford told his counterparts that cutting off the flow of Afghan heroin and drug money going through Incirlik, would help in the battle to liberate the United States and Israel from Khazarian mafia control, the sources said. Dunford had no choice but to be conciliatory because the latest opinion surveys say only 17% of Turks support a US presence in their country.

Dunford also explained to his Turkish counterparts that the Pentagon was allying itself with the Russians to liberate the United States and the rest of the world from the Khazarians, the Pentagon sources said. As evidence of this, the Pentagon ordered a state of the art US spy plane to land in central Russia, the sources said. They are also allowing Russian spy planes to fly over US territory to confirm the US is planning no military moves or preemptive nuclear strike against Russia.

The Russians, who now hold the upper hand in the Middle-East, told the Turks to cut off all oil income to Israel as a part of a major move against that rogue state. Other moves including providing state of the art ground attack planes and other advanced weaponry to Syria, Iran and Hezbollah plus supplying S-300 air defense missiles to Iran. Russia is also sending in Drones to get detailed intelligence of Israeli military dispositions. There has also been intensive Syrian shelling all along its Golan Heights border with Israel, Israeli intelligence sources say.

This is all a prelude to seizing territory illegally occupied by the Israeli rogue state, the Pentagon sources say. The end game is for Israel to become a Jewish autonomous zone within a restored moderate Sufi/Sunni/Shia Caliphate, White Dragon Society sources say. The pseudo-Muslim Satan worshipping Salafist heretics will have no place in this loose confederation of Muslim states, they say.

Speaking about Salafist heretics, the situation in the pseudo-Muslim Khazarian colony of Saudi Arabia is also getting critical. The latest evidence of this is that India has been providing emergency food aid to 10,000 starving Indian citizens stranded in bankrupt Saudi Arabia…

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