Erstkontakt-News: Globale CE-5 Initiative zum Erstkontakt mit außerirdischen Intelligenzen (05.Dezember 2015)

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Heute ist es wieder soweit: Globale CE-5 Initiative (globale Kontakt-Erfahrungs-Initiative zur Kontaktaufnahme mit Außerirdischen Intelligenzen) von Dr.Steven Greer…

Jeden ersten Samstag im Monat zwischen 9 und 12 Uhr abends (in Deiner Zeitzone)

Weltweit kommen tausende Menschen zusammen und richten ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf eine positive und liebevolle Kontakterfahrung mit außerirdischen Lebensformen:

Und so funktioniert es:

Stellt Euch heute einfach zwischen 9 und 12 Uhr abends vor – als Einzelner oder in der Gruppe – wie ein Licht von der Erde in den Kosmos hinaustrahlt und legt Eure liebevollen und friedlichen Absichten hinein – so einfach. Also heute mitmachen und dabei sein…

Sirius Film Feat. Dr. Steven Greer By Emmy Winning Amardeep Kaleka ...

Global CE-5 – Saturday December 5, 2015

We are happy to announce the Global CE-5 Initiative Day on The first Saturday of each month.  Join others world wide who want to unite in consciousness to reach out to the stars in Universal Peace.

Thousands around the globe have already formed contact groups.

Now is the time to magnify global coherence by all of us coming together in higher consciousness in a way that can move the world and humanity onto the path of Universal Peace.

Ideas for participation in the Global CE-5

1. Get together with your existing group or form a group.

2. Plan to go out anytime between 9 pm and midnight on your time zone on the 5th.  We are not picking a specific time as folks may need flexibility to get to a field work site or schedule when to meet.

3. Use the CE-5 protocols to call on the ETs in Universal Peace.

4. Share your experiences on the SiriusDisclosure facebook page.

Imagine each individual or group as a light shining from Earth into the Cosmos – all on the same day around the globe.   The earth will be glowing!

If you want to form a group you can go to our free website/app – and put in your name and contact information.  If you don’t want to use your usual email , create a special email address just for this purpose and then you can form a group with others nearby.  If you do not put some form of contact information, no one will be able to reach you.


If you want ideas about how to make contact or how to form your own group you may want to use these tools:

Iphone or Android app – a full training program on what to look for, how to make contact and more.   Click here for a more complete description but go to your app store to purchase – ETContact Tool.

You may also want to watch some of our videos: Crossing Point of Light or the Glendale webinar available on our vimeo channel: or via youtube:

Peace, Love & Unity……die EK-Redaktion

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