Erstkontakt-NEWS: Tesla und der UFO-Antrieb + Spaceweather Aktuell (14.November 2015)

Der berühmte Erfinder ließ sich von Außerirdischen zu seinen Schöpfungen inspirieren, glaubt Freie-Energie-Forscher Adolf Schneider

Vorschau: Tesla und der UFO-Antrieb

Um den genialen Erfinder Nikola Tesla ranken sich zahlreiche Legenden. So soll der gebürtige Kroate Kontakt mit fremden Welten gehabt haben, sich für Metaphysik und sonstiges interessiert haben. Der deutsche Freie-Energie-Forscher Adolf Schneider glaubt sogar, dass Nikola Tesla Verbindung zu Außerirdischen hatte. Diese hätten ihm bei einigen seiner Erfindungen quasi unter die Arme gegriffen …

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Spaceweather Aktuell – 14.November 2015

CME MISSES EARTH… A CME expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field on Nov. 12th did not. The solar storm cloud apparently missed our planet. Or maybe the CME is moving much more slowly than expected, which would mitigate its impact when it eventually arrives. Either way, the chance of a geomagnetic storm today is low. Aurora alerts: text or voice

…BUT MYSTERY OBJECT HITS: A research aircraft organized by the UAE Space Agency and the International Astronomy Center is reporting the first images of WT1190F disintegrating off the coast of Sri Lanka on Friday the 13th. Click to view a movie of the fireball:

As predicted by the European Space Agency, the fireball was easy to see in the blue noon sky over the Indian Ocean–but only at aviation altitudes. Many observers on the ground could not see the fireball through widespread cloud cover. It was actually raining in Sri Lanka when the re-entry occured.

WT1190F is a piece of space junk discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey on Oct. 3rd. Before the impact, astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell told Nature that „the object is only 1 to 2 metres in size, and its trajectory shows that it has a low density, and is perhaps hollow. That suggests an artificial object, ‚a lost piece of space history that’s come back to haunt us.“ The translunar orbit of WT1190F is a clue to its origin: probably an old Moon mission. It could be a spent rocket stage or lunar module from the Apollo program.

The research aircraft was staffed, in part, by a group of experienced observers from NASA and the Seti Institute who have recorded many previous re-entries. According to their web site, „we have incredible imaging data and also succeeded in doing quality spectroscopy at blue and red wavelengths, which is a first for us in daytime conditions.“ Perhaps these data will provide clues to the origin of WT1190F. Stay tuned….

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Peace, Love & Unity……die EK-Redaktion

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